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Guitar Lessons at 12 String Studios Music School Saskatoon

Guitar Lessons (5+)

If you've been in search of guitar instructors that care about the progress their students make while having fun, look no further! From ages 6 - 60+ we have a very strong guitar lesson program lead by a team of teachers who are passionate about sharing the gift of music. The guitar lessons you will receive by our instructors will strengthen and condition your hands to create more diversity and mobility to get your chops up whether they be for lead/scale work or rhythm/chord work.

Chords, scales, songwriting, stage performance, theory, audio recording and more, the wide range of topics we can cover and discuss during your guitar lessons will assist you in realizing just how much there is to learn and we are here to assist! We've provided live performance opportunities for our students in the past by letting them open shows for professional musicians.

Bass Lessons (7+)

Bass is a great instrument for those who like it low and slow. Build up strength and stamina over time to work up your technique and speed!

Ukulele Lessons (5+)

A friendly instrument to young beginners, any of our guitar instructors are capable of teaching this fun instrument!